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Endless Summer Cruisin’ Rolls Back into Ocean City

Endless Summer Cruisin' Rolls Back into Ocean City

The Ocean City Police Department is likely to be out in force this weekend, with assistance across the space.
Fines for speeding violations are raised.
The episode coming only a single week following the un-sanctioned-vehicle show that was H2Oi left its mark, leaving several neighbors concerned.
“It just makes it awful for everyone and I would hate to find that particular stop,” said Ron Pasko, who is engaging within this year’s Endless Summer Cruisin’.
Pasko said it really is disappointing to visit Ocean city-car indicates are given a poor rap by the un-sanctioned event of last weekend.
That means speed limits to Philadelphia Avenue and Coastal Highway are dropped to 30 miles per hour.
A large number of classics, habits, and hot rods rolled onto the Ocean City boardwalk to kick Summer Cruisin’.
The exceptional event zone will stay in effect.
There is A particular event zone also in place inside the holiday resort city.
“Lots of people listed below are older folks. We return to talk to another and watch what the other guys once a year, double per calendar year,” explained Pasko.
“They’re fundamentally attempting to terrorize the city,” said Chuck McMillen of all Ocean town.